Filip Sanbra-Kahne Philip Sanbra-Kahne built this house in 1904. He lived here with family. Born in 1839, a participant of the January Uprising in the ranks of the "Marshland of Death" lost his right hand - earning it the nickname "Sanbra" ("Sans-bras" means "no-hand" or "armless"). Arrested and imprisoned by the Austrians in Lviv for half a year. Then he graduated the Agricultural University in Dublany. Married to Alina Drozdowska - the daughter of an insurgent from Lithuania. He settled in Lancut, where surrounded by the universal respect he held various senior positions in the ordination of Potocki and social organizations. Dom Filipa Sanbra-Kahne Over the years, "Pałacyk" many times changing its owners and unfortunately fell into the ruin. Finally, the new owner Andrew Reizer in 1990 undergo extensive renovation and modernization.
At present, antique villa "Pałacyk" located in their stylish hotel, restaurant, and cafe. We had and have very distinguished guests from the worlds of culture, the aristocracy, politics and business, who appreciate not just a family atmosphere and hospitality of the hosts but also the combination of tradition old-nobility and modernity.

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